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To meet the increasing pace of innovation, more and more technology companies have been breaking down the walls of their R&D departments to actively collaborate with outside academic, private, and governmental research facilities.



We nurture an innovative, entrepreneurial approach to product design and development. We invest our energy in and broaden the vision of our clients, empowering their team to achieve and invent, finding efficiencies in existing products



Our consulting services usually complement our Open Innovation and our Product Design and Development services. We are flexible and able to deploy a wide range of expertise and services to meet the needs of our clients



Consultants grew up in the high-tech world. We understand the complex roots of IT and how they have grown into the technologies of today. This background drives our recruiting process.Our goal is to make IT happen for you.

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 About Us

               NurturEnergy is an Open Innovation company developing sustainable and creative solutions for a wide range of industries, from LED lighting and climate control to energy and transportation to biotechnology and nanotechnology. Our Open Innovation team members hold multiple patents for products which have directly generated over $45 million in incremental revenue for clients since 2009. Our clients range from Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies to SMEs, and we collaborate with leading universities and research institutes worldwide. We have collaborated with scores of Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies, leading universities, and research institutes worldwide. Our management and Open Innovation team members hold the highest degrees in their fields.

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