iNurturEnergy is an easy-to-use application, hosted in the cloud or on a client’s server, that catalyzes innovation and empowers everyone on your team to create and collaborate – from the CTO to the design engineer, from your marketing and sales staff to your suppliers and partners.

How can the iNurturEnergy Open Innovation application facilitate collaboration?

      The entire innovation process is catalyzed, tracked, secured, and accelerated from Challenge to Idea to Patent to Prototype to Product. Provides traceability and repository of all ideas generated by challenges in the innovation process.



Most advanced and plain sailing

Most advanced and plain sailing

  • Posting a Challenge (public, private, semi-private, by invitation)
  • Reporting Challenge, Idea, Patent and Prototype workflow
  • Managing customer requests, Ideation, Patent progress
  • Motivating team with rewards and participation tracking
  • WBS to organize simple Projects created to manage Idea validation, prototyping, patenting, and other critical needs
  • Risk Management tools


Feasible, Convenient and Comfortable

Feasible, Convenient  and Comfortable

  • Accelerate Patent process – encouraging efficiency and eliminating errors in IP management
  • Reduce legal expenses
  • Provide rock-solid control of IP and security – permissions and access at all levels of organization, internal and external
  • Foster effective brainstorming
  • Empower employees at all levels